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                                   CCleaner Instructions

CCleaner can be found at  Click on CCleaner at the top of the page under "Popular 
Software" or under "System Tuning," and then click "Download Latest Version" on the right side of the 
page.  When doing that you will be presented with this caution at the top of your browser if you are using 
Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

"To help protect your security, Internet Explorer blocked this site from downloading files to 
your computer. Click here for options..."

Click on "Click here for options" then click "Download File."  In the next window that appears, click 
on "Run" and follow the subsequent directions.

If you're using Firefox as your default browser when you click on "Download Latest Version" another 
window will appear where you will click on "Save File."  After it downloads then double click on the file 
to install.

During the installation of CCleaner, leave only the checkmarks indicated below. 

The first time you run it you will see a message that says it will delete all files that are found.  
Put a checkmark in the box that states "Do Not Show This Again."

Set up CCleaner to look like this.  Each time you run the program just double click the desktop icon, 
click the "Run Cleaner" button in the lower right hand corner, and when it's finished close the program. 

It is highly recommended that you run CCleaner once a day to rid your system of unwanted files.

You can safely use the Registry cleaner as needed.  Click on the Registry icon then click "Scan for Issues."  After the scan is complete click "Fix Selected Issues" at the bottom right of the page.  It will ask you if you want to back up the changes to the Registry, click yes, then the Save button.  Now click "Fix All Selected Issues," and close the program.

Before running CCleaner be sure that your Internet browser is closed.

CCleaner can also be used to uninstall programs.  Click on "Tools" then Uninstall.  Highlight the program you want to remove then click "Run Uninstaller."  Advanced users can also edit Start-up applications.

CCleaner is updated quite often, so when you open it and find a message that a new version is available 
click Yes to install the new version.  After installing the newer version it will already be set up the way you 
previously configured it.  There is no need to remove the previous version before installing the new one.